Terms & Conditions

In requesting your dog(s) be accepted into Dogs HQ dog daycare facility and/or other programs offered by Dogs HQ, you understand and agree to the following:

Health and behaviour:

  • My dog(s) must be in good general health and I must provide proof of current C5 vaccinations in order for my dog(s) to attend daycare at Dogs HQ. C5 certification can be provided by your veterinarian. I must inform Dogs HQ if my dog has been infected with any communicable diseases.
  • If my dog(s) requires any medication for any condition, I must supply the medications with specific written dosage instructions.
  • In the event of illness, I authorise Dogs HQ staff to take my dog(s) to our recommended vet ‘All Creatures Veterinary Hospital’ at 1229 Hoddle Street, East Melbourne, if emergency treatment is required. I will pay in full any vet expenses upon collection of my dog(s) from Dogs HQ.
  • I must inform Dogs HQ of any known behaviour problems that my dog(s) may have, including, but not limited to, excessive barking, dominance, mounting etc. Dogs HQ uses safe and harmless corrective methods such as verbal commands, water spray and timeout rooms when reprimanding a dog’s behaviour.
  • All dogs at Dogs HQ must be neutered or spayed (over the age of six months), well-socialised and friendly to not only other dogs but also people. Any dog found to be aggressive will not be accommodated at Dogs HQ. Any behaviour deemed dangerous or inappropriate at Dogs HQ may result in my dog(s) removal from the facility.
  • Dogs HQ is a cage-free environment that allows dogs to interact and play directly with one another off leash under supervision. Every dog reacts differently and animals, by nature, can be unpredictable and therefore present a certain level of risk. I acknowledge and understand that there are certain risks involved in daycare, including but not limited to injuries to people, property and animal. Dogs HQ staff will administer first aid if required to all minor injuries and notify me of said injury when I pick up my dog(s). I accept all reasonable risk of injury to my dog(s) that may occur in normal activities of a dog daycare environment. My dog(s) is cared for at Dogs HQ without liability for loss or damage from disease, theft, fire, escape, injury or harm to persons, other dogs, or property. I hereby release Dogs HQ from any liability or claim for injury or loss associated with my dog’s attendance and participation at Dogs HQ.
  • In case of emergency, I recognise the risks of injury that accompany transport to and from the facility or any other necessary location.

Pick-up and drop-off

  • Dogs HQ operating hours are from 7.30am to 6.30pm. If I do not pick up my dog(s) by 6.30pm there will be a late fee of $1 per minute charged after 6.30pm. If my dog(s) has not been collected by 7.30pm, overnight accommodation will be arranged and I will be responsible for all costs incurred for transport and accommodation.
  • All dogs must approach, enter and leave the facility on a lead at all times.
  • All dogs must be on-lead and kept under control by their owners until handed over to a Dogs HQ attendant. All dogs must wear a collar at all times whilst attending day care at Dogs HQ.
  • All customers without confirmed bookings must see Dogs HQ staff to check their dogs in on arrival.

Bookings and payments

Daycare bookings

  • Daycare bookings are not mandatory, but they are heavily encouraged as we are regularly booked out.
  • Bookings must be made by submitting requests via email or online no later than 6.30pm the day before the requested booking day.
  • All bookings are subject to acceptance via reply email from Dogs HQ:
    • If you have an accepted booking, you are guaranteed a place on the day
    • If you do not have an accepted booking, you may be turned away on the day

Booking cancellations/amendments

  • All booking cancellations and amendments must be submitted via email to info@dogshq.com.au no later than 5pm the day before
  • All booking cancellations and amendments are subject to acceptance via reply email from Dogs HQ
  • Cancellations made after 5pm the day will incur a charge for the missed day
  • The no-show charge is the normal day rate or a draw down on an existing pre-paid pass or membership

Recurring bookings

  • Customers can book recurring days into the future (e.g. every Tuesday) by sending a request via email. Requests must be made no later than 6.30pm the day before your first recurring day.
  • Recurring bookings are subject to acceptance via reply email from Dogs HQ.
    • If you have an accepted recurring booking, you are guaranteed a place on the day
    • If you do not have an recurring accepted booking, you may be turned away on the day
  • Acceptance for the recurrence counts as acceptance for each individual booking.
  • Recurring bookings are subject to the no-show policy – cancellations or amendments to a schedule day or days must be submitted via email at least 24 hours in advance


  • Payment for daycare must be made on or before the day of attendance. Outstanding balances need to be paid before future bookings will be accepted.


  • I acknowledge that all photographic images or digital recordings taken of the facility, dogs, customers and staff, together with their prints and their copyrights therein are the property of Dogs HQ. I authorise Dogs HQ to reproduce/alter the images, in print or electronic format without compensation to me and I waive the right to approve the finished images
  • When completing the daycare enrolment form, I do so to the best of my knowledge and will notify Dogs HQ immediately of any changes to the information I have provided.