Doggy Day Care Prices

*Please note payment must be made before or on the day of daycare unless otherwise arranged with management.





Flexible direct debit, cancel any time.
1 x weekly….$50 ($50 a day)….SAVE 16%
2 x weekly….$92 ($46 a day)….SAVE 23%
3 x weekly…$126 ($42 a day)SAVE 30%
4 x weekly..$160 ($40 a day)….SAVE 33%
Unlimited….$185 ($37 a day)….SAVE 38%


5-pack…$255 ($51 a day)...SAVE 15%
10-pack….$490 ($49 a day)SAVE 19%
20-pack….$880 ($44 a day)….SAVE 27%

Flexible direct debit, cancel any time.
1 x weekly….$92 ($92 a day)….SAVE 23%
2 x weekly….$170 ($85 a day)….SAVE 29%
3 x weekly….$237 ($79 a day)….SAVE 34%
4x weekly….$300 ($75 a day)….SAVE 38%
Unlimited….$360 ($72 a day)….SAVE 40%


5 visits….$470 ($94 a day)….SAVE 22%
10 visits….$860 ($86 a day)….SAVE 28%
20 visits….$1600 ($80 a day)SAVE 33%


Got three dogs or more attending together from the same family? Chat to us for pricing!

*Expiry periods apply to multi-packs: 5-pack = 6mths; 10-pack = 9mths; 20-pack = 12mths
** Two dog pricing is available only to dogs from the same family


Which option is right for you?




Casual rates are best for customers who visit only occasionally and are happy to just pay for the day.



Memberships are the best option for people whose pooch’s attendance is fairly predictable. You choose how many days you want your pup to attend, and pay a weekly amount accordingly via weekly direct debit.

Memberships are easy to set up online through Westpac’s secure PayWay; once you’re in the system, you don’t have to worry about payments – your bank account or credit card is automatically debited.

Importantly, you can cancel your membership at any time, and pause it for a week or more, for up to 8 weeks per year. If you want to add an extra session or two one week, you just make an extra payment based on your membership’s discounted daily rate. And if you miss one of your weekly days, we’ll give you 4 weeks to make it up!


Pre-paid multi-packs

Pre-paid ulti-packs are best for repeat customers whose attendance isn’t necessarily very predictable. You get the benefits of discounted daycare, but you can be entirely flexible about when you bring your pooch.


Want to know more? Just get in touch and we can help you work out which option is best for you!